27 September 2008


Wait. I lied. Here is something else. A triptych from the NASCAR Crafstman truck race last weekend.

Shot, not realizing it, in the span of 40 seconds. Seriously. You can check the EXIF data.


Nothing but a moody photo of an NHP car on the side of the road I saw while touring around the Great Basin on the SNWA We've-Got-Limitless-Water Tour.

That's all. Move along. Nothing more to see

10 September 2008

Serendipity or Synchronicity?

I was just going through my take from the RNC last week and noticed one of the first photos I took when I arrived in Minneapolis and one of the last photos I took when leaving the Xcel Energy Center were similar.

Hope I'm not developing a foot fetish.

07 September 2008

Oh yeah...

A shiny new nickle to the first person who gets the reference to the title of this blag.

To begin...

What did our parents say? If your friend is going to jump off a bridge, would you?

Might as well. I have no idea what I will use this for, but I may as well join the 21st century and post inane ramblings like the rest of society. Well, maybe not the rest of society. More like people fortunate enough to reside in a first world economy with access to a computer and stable energy supply.

Maybe I'll post some photos.

Maybe I'll type way too much after that late night TUDdy.

One thing I will not do is write: "Wow, I've been meaning to update this for quite a while." Because, frankly, who cares?